Green Up is changing the nature of commercial roofing.

Today's roofs can save money, conserve energy, and contribute to a cleaner environment - and not every roof is meeting its potential.

Green Up, LLC is a roofing consulting firm in the Pacific Northwest that specializes in roof resiliency, efficiency, and sustainability. We're here to help maximize the value of your investment by identifying problems and prescribing solutions that improve your bottom line. 


Check out Elizabeth Hart Morris' article on about the new ecoroofs requirement in Portland, Oregon.


Our Services 

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Roof Recycling
and Restoration

Zero-waste is our goal for every project. Whether it be a green roof or a conventional design, we make every attempt to restore the roof in-place, and identify up-cycling solutions for any components that must be removed. 

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Green Roof Evaluation
and Maintenance

Our specialty is restoring failed green roofs back to a thriving and watertight condition. We support architects, engineers, landscape architects and building owners from the early conceptual design, through specification, procurement, job site inspection and maintenance plans. 


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Program Development
and Training

We provide program development and training  at all levels on best practices, identifying causes of failure, estimating projects, setting up zero-waste goals, and meeting local regulations. 

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